Recent Paintings By Jane Rous
JANE'S WORK concentrates on the interiors and exteriors of the homes she has lived in recently, painted with a free and exuberant use of colour reminiscent of Bonnard and some of the German expressionists, making something both witty and magical from daily life. Jane has lived in the north of Scotland for many years but has travelled widely, to Kenya, India, Turkey, Greece and Wigtownshire, painting with some very talented artists along the way.

THE PICTURES AT THE TOP OF THE CATALOGUE ARE FOR SALE and more will be added from time to time. Her last exhibition in March 2014 at 54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London was a great success with 37 out of 48 paintings sold. Jane has exhibited before at the Hollywood Road Gallery in London, The Colonsay Gallery, and at the home in Inverness-shire she shares with Andrew Buckoke. She will take commissions. Her pictures, in oil and other media, range from £350 TO £1850. Prints of some of her work may be available. Please contact her at +447715118020 or to buy a painting.

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